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Ruff Stuff Specialties We have set our standards very high and you will see that the vast majority of our parts are made by us so we can be certain those standards are being met. Items we cannot make in quantity are made by companies we trust for quality and delivery, after all, what is something really worth if it takes weeks to get to you? We stock what we sell, we don't wait for the order before we build it!

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Dan Fredrickson
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Trailing Arms!

These have been in the works for 4 years, testing and changing them until this design rose to the top. We are very happy with the result, enough so that we will give them a lifetime guarantee against breakage if we weld them. If you weld them yourselves its on you but they are that strong!

These are a complete torsion box construction with a backbone of 2 sections of 1/4" Plate that run full length. The sides are mirror images and have 6 bends for rigidity while being keyed together so you cannot get them wrong when welding them together.

The Heim end has a 8" - 12", 2" x .25" wall tube that ties in to both the backbone and the shock valley box. The Shock Valley Box begins with the backbone internally and 2 layers externally. Both the top and bottom are reinforced with additional layers, the bottom reinforcement also wraps around the corners for both rigidity and protection.

The Bushing end comes standard with a 3" width but we can make any custom width you may wish. They also come standard with poly bushings with a .68 density, we can do a .94 density or a delrin bushing on request. We will have uniball ends available within 4 weeks or you can easily fit up your own.

For an experienced welder these are about 8 hours over 3 days time to allow for cooling between welding different areas to avoid any warpage.

These are sold unwelded but we would be happy to weld them to your requirements. Welding is an option and adds 1 week to delivery. We stock these in 3 lengths (48", 55", & 62") , we do not wait until you order them to work them into our schedule!

Trailing Arm - 55" - Pair - RuffStuff Specialties
Dan Fredrickson
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