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Sand Mountain Feb 14-17

Heading out to Sand Mountain for the weekend, Test & Tuning. Bought an Aerocharger kit off of Cashmoney and got installed on my RZR XP4. Running it with a PCV and Autotune. Basically a shack down weekend for the coming riding season. Definitely got tuning to do. Made 122HP @ 12psi (factory is about 68-74hp) on the dyno at Street 2 Sand and blew my primary clutch. Bought an STM but not finished tuning or even played with clutching on the new setup yet. Thing smokes quite a bit. Hoping its just cuz I put chromoly turbo rings in a motor with 1800 miles on it and no hone job and rings still need to seat.. It does seem to be getting better, but who knows. Also converted front single rate Walker Evans shocks to dual rate. Gotta order springs for the rear 2.5" shocks - Summit didn't have. And sent rear paddles back to have "comp" cut. Amazingly took 6lbs off of each tire. Younger son will be riding a new Raptor 250 for him (was Jacob's old bike). Teaching an 8 year old to use a clutch and shift gears is a fun calming experience!

Street 2 Sand Dyno Tuning. Nothing spectacular, just a quick clip from the session. The first part is me documenting my BENT drivers rear axle - second one now.

Bryan Dacus
BD Turnkey Engines
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